Dance Photography

Whilst looking for images for my students on my ‘Time & Light’ photography course at Morley College to demonstrate shooting dance photography with just available light and hand holding the camera at about 1/20 – 1/30 second I came across these images that I shot in the national school of dance and arts in Havana, Cuba. I was so privileged to have access to photography this dance students in their lesson. It was GREAT! The energy, (and temperature) in the room was high. The live drumming vibrating through the air. These were shot back when we only had film and I had intuitively developed through much practice when to click the shutter. But, one of the first things I hated about digital photography was the delayed shutter time from pressing the button and the shutter actually opening. Thank goodness digital technology has improved on this… what would have become of the decisive moment? I hope to re-run the Time and Light course at Morley college in the autumn, as part of my other seven short photography courses and workshops, that compliment my continuous professional practice as a commission photographer. If these images should inspire you to go and dance in Cuba, then check out the very good Cuban dance holidays run by Kerry Ribchester director of Key2Cuba,


2 thoughts on “Dance Photography

  1. These photos are just beautiful – so powerful and evocative. I’m feeling inspidred to go back to Cuba again in the future just to see some dancing. Thank you for sharing your incredible images.

  2. Yes, me too. Really hoping to go at the end of the year. Miss the vibration of music from every door and street corner. Look for a new contact to visit some other dance schools. Not an easy feat!

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